West Wing 4×23: Twenty Five

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Aaron Sorkin | Director: Christopher Misiano | Aired: 05/14/2003]

“It’s… just a political reality.” – Josh

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West Wing 4×22: Commencement

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Aaron Sorkin | Director: Alex Graves | Aired: 05/07/2003]

“What kind of day has it been?” – Leo

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West Wing 4×21: Life on Mars

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Aaron Sorkin, Paul Redford, and Dee Dee Myers | Director: John David Coles | Aired: 04/30/2003]

Mister Brains! Mister Brains!

Yes, Timmy?

Mister Brains, I have a question!

Haha, you always do, Timmy. You always do.

Mister Brains, is there life on Mars?

That’s an excellent question, Timmy. Scientists have been wondering that for centuries.

Gosh, Mister Brains! Do you know the answer?

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West Wing 4×15: Inauguration: Over There

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Aaron Sorkin, David Gerken, and Gene Sperling | Director: Lesli Linka Glatter | Aired: 02/12/2003]

“A ship in the harbor is safe. But that’s not what ships were built for.” – Leo

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West Wing 4×03: College Kids

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Aaron Sorkin, Debora Cahn, and Mark Goffman | Director: Alex Graves | Aired: 10/02/2002]


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