Top 25 Episodes: Ryan’s Favorites

[Article by Ryan Bovay]


#25 “Dear Boy” [2×05] – A very creepy look at Angel’s obsession and his sordid past with Darla, though it only scratches the surface of the episode of the same name. Still, his obsession with tracking her down, the conflicts with Kate, Wes and Cordy are all hugely worthwhile. And Darla has a soul too Continue reading “Top 25 Episodes: Ryan’s Favorites”

Writing Credits Explained

[Article by Ryan Bovay]

Ever wonder what all that writing/producing jibber/jabber means at the start of an episode? Or why someone might cheer “praise Joss!” for an episode he didn’t himself write? Story/Teleplay splits confusing? This is a very basic breakdown of the writing process as we civilians can understand it.

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