Freaks and Geeks Season 1 Review

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]


I’m not very good at convincing other people to watch my favorite shows.

Maybe it’s my sales pitch.

Just last week, I was talking to one of my friends. In passing, I asked, “Hey, remember what life was like in high school?”

“I try not to,” he replied with a groan Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks Season 1 Review”

Freaks and Geeks 1×18: Discos and Dragons

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Paul Feig | Director: Paul Feig | Aired: 07/08/2000]

Have you ever wondered what Freaks and Geeks would be like if it took place in the present?

The show was crafted for the 1999-2000 season. Yet the writers deliberately chose to take a step back, and examine an era almost twenty years earlier. But… was this decision really that important? Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×18: Discos and Dragons”

The Ten Best Cancelled TV Shows Ever

[Article by Jeremy Grayson]


Television is a fickle business, as they say. One moment, you can be riding high on ratings and acclaim; the next moment, phhht – you’re cancelled.

Nothing good lasts forever. And unfortunately, some good things don’t last very long to begin with. Sometimes, a well-written, well-produc Continue reading “The Ten Best Cancelled TV Shows Ever”

Freaks and Geeks 1×17: The Little Things

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Jon Kasdan, Judd Apatow, Mike White | Director: Jake Kasdan | Aired: 07/08/2000]

At the time it first aired, of course, no one knew how much of an effect “The Little Things” would have on the cinematic landscape. It was just another Freaks and Geeks episode – a pretty good episode, mind you, but one that just merged into the greatness of the rest of them.

Thirteen Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×17: The Little Things”

Freaks and Geeks 1×16: Smooching and Mooching

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Steve Bannos | Director: Jake Kasdan | Aired: 07/08/2000]

As we come down the home stretch of this epic little series, I can’t help but marvel at how well the show’s last few episodes tie everything so nicely and neatly together. The writers did not know the series was ending when they wrapped up the season (although the lackluster ratings were probab Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×16: Smooching and Mooching”

Freaks and Geeks 1×15: Noshing and Moshing

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: J. Elvis Weinstein | Director: Jake Kasdan | Aired: 10/17/2000]

If Freaks and Geeks has a flaw, it’s with continuity. No, I don’t mean general story continuity – numerous times do the characters reference past situations and events. I’m talking about more subtle episode-to-episode connection. There’s enough cohesion between the episodes to ensu Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×15: Noshing and Moshing”

Freaks and Geeks 1×14: Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Judd Apatow, Bob Nickman | Director: Judd Apatow | Aired: 10/10/2000]

“Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers” contains my favorite scene in all of Freaks and Geeks. It’s a simple scene at the outset, and it’s not very relevant story-wise. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful little scene, and is one of the truest examples of why this series is so, so very good.

It be Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×14: Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers”

Freaks and Geeks 1×13: Chokin’ and Tokin’

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Judd Apatow | Director: Miguel Arteta | Aired: 03/20/2000]

Many years ago, it was easy to tell the difference between scripted and unscripted television. On the one hand, there were sitcoms featuring Lucille Ball and Jackie Gleason which usually stuck closely to the printed page. On the other hand, there were comedies like Candid Camera and You B Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×13: Chokin’ and Tokin’”

Freaks and Geeks 1×12: The Garage Door

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Gabe Sachs, Jeff Judah, Patty Lin | Director: Bryan Gordon | Aired: 03/13/2000]

“My dad just left, and he didn’t tell us where he moved… I stole his garage door opener, and I rode around by myself on my bike, very pathetically, looking for where my father lived, hitting the button on every garage door until I found out, because I just felt so bad… I needed to know where he lived.”

– Jeff Judah, co-writer of “The Garage Door”

Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×12: The Garage Door”

Freaks and Geeks 1×11: Looks and Books

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Paul Feig | Director: Ken Kwapis | Aired: 02/07/2000]

It comes as a little surprising, given its freshness and innovation regarding the subject matter, but Freaks and Geeks was not the first TV series to focus on a teenaged female outcast. In the five years before it made its debut, two other shows garnered rightfully deserved acclaim for their Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×11: Looks and Books”

Freaks and Geeks 1×10: The Diary

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Judd Apatow, Rebecca Kirshner | Director: Ken Olin | Aired: 01/31/2000]

“The Diary” is an episode that has always been something of a surprise to me. It’s one of Freaks and Geeks’ more quiet and demure outings, with no large scope to back its title. Yet there is an indelible charm to this episode, one I didn’t quite latch onto until I sat down with it Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×10: The Diary”

Credit Where Credit’s Due

[Article by Jeremy Grayson]


I love theme songs.

What better way to get excited over an episode of a great show than by starting it off with a catchy song? Especially when it’s interspersed with shots of all the characters we’re about to see? Theme songs are a fun way to get you in the mood of the show you’re about to watch. Continue reading “Credit Where Credit’s Due”

Freaks and Geeks 1×09: We’ve Got Spirit

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Mike White | Director: Danny Leiner | Aired: 01/24/2000]

Think back to the very first scene of the “Pilot” [1×01]. Before we meet the geeks, or the freaks, or anyone else in the regular cast. Who are the first people we see? A jock named Brad and a cheerleader named Ashley.

Now, what do we know about these characters? Well, for one thing, they’re in love Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×09: We’ve Got Spirit”

Freaks and Geeks 1×08: Girlfriends and Boyfriends

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Patty Lin, Paul Feig | Director: Lesli Linka Glatter | Aired: 01/17/2000]

Generally speaking, my reviews are written to focus on the dramatic portion of Freaks and Geeks. Despite this, there’s no denying that the show is quite adept at humor as well. I get a genuine kick out of watching Bill drinking beer, or Ken smashing Nick’s guitar, or Mr. Weir relating an Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×08: Girlfriends and Boyfriends”

Freaks and Geeks 1×07: Carded and Discarded

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Judd Apatow, Paul Feig | Director: Judd Apatow | Aired: 01/10/2000]

You know what’s really great about Freaks and Geeks? “Carded and Discarded” is its weakest episode.

How is that great? Well, there’s something commendable about a series – short-lived though it may be – when its lowest point can be credibly described as “fairly decent”. And t Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×07: Carded and Discarded”

Freaks and Geeks 1×06: I’m with the Band

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Gabe Sachs, Jeff Judah | Director: Judd Apatow | Aired: 11/13/1999]

Say what you will about the final product, but a lot goes into the development. The factors involved in making a first-rate show are plentiful. Writing, directing, acting, and production values must all be strong to ensure that the program reaches quality levels.

One important factor often left off Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×06: I’m with the Band”

Freaks and Geeks 1×05: Tests and Breasts

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Bob Nickman | Director: Ken Kwapis | Aired: 11/06/1999]

“Tests and Breasts” is a perfect vehicle for Daniel Desario. Heck, in some ways, it’s an episodic clone of Daniel Desario – both are witty, self-assured, and unpredictable. Both are also a lot of fun to watch, which makes this a very likable episode.

The igniting spark of the episode is the r Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×05: Tests and Breasts”

Freaks and Geeks 1×04: Kim Kelly Is My Friend

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Mike White | Director: Lesli Linka Glatter | Aired: 09/05/2000]

“Why was Freaks and Geeks cancelled?” I occasionally wonder to myself. “It was an awesome show. What could possibly have possessed the TV gods to pull the plug on it before it even finished a single season?”

The obvious answer to this question is “low ratings”. Hardly anyone was Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×04: Kim Kelly Is My Friend”

Freaks and Geeks 1×03: Tricks and Treats

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Paul Feig | Director: Bryan Gordon | Aired: 10/30/1999]

The first time I sat down with this episode, something struck me as odd about it… but I couldn’t figure out what it was. The second time I saw it, I was struck by that same odd feeling, yet I still couldn’t place my finger on it. Finally, on my third go-round, I realized what made this episod Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×03: Tricks and Treats”

Freaks and Geeks 1×02: Beers and Weirs

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: J. Elvis Weinstein, Judd Apatow | Director: Jake Kasdan | Aired: 10/02/1999]

The “Pilot” [1×01] of Freaks and Geeks set the bar impressively high, introducing us to a group of young outcasts who each have their own clear and independent view on life. The episode which follows up on such a promising premiere has arguably an even more difficult task, as it must prove tha Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×02: Beers and Weirs”

Freaks and Geeks 1×01: Pilot

[Review by Jeremy Grayson]

[Writer: Paul Feig | Director: Jake Kasdan | Aired: 09/25/1999]

Hello and welcome to my first episode review of Freaks and Geeks! This is one of my all-time favorite television series, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts about it with you. I plan to extensively analyze each episode, in a hopefully successful attempt to explain why this is such a ma Continue reading “Freaks and Geeks 1×01: Pilot”