Happy New Year 2018

Beautiful holiday fireworks

Welcome, one and all, to 2018.

It was almost a year ago that Mike contacted me and asked if I would like to take over as administrator of Critically Touched. As a regular writer and contributor to this website for several years, I was thrilled to accept his offer. But at the same time, I wasn’t sure if I could properly sustain my usual level of writing while also presiding over the site and forum itself (free server notwithstanding), in addition to keeping up the continual strains of college life and adulthood.

And yet in the year since, CT has become more of a creative outlet for me than ever before. In past years, I would produce an average of 40-45 articles annually; in 2017, that number rocketed to 64. There’s just been so much to talk about, in terms of film, TV, and the world at large.

And I want these trends to continue. I’m already working on my first few pieces for 2018. I want to further explore the sixth season of The West Wing and the first/last/only season of Wonderfalls. And there are plenty of films I’d like to review this year. Plus… there’ll be some other surprises.

But at the same time, I’d like to continue broadening CT’s scope with more new voices. And with that in mind, I’ve made some adjustments to the admission rules for this site. If you’ll take a look at the Becoming a Critic section on the About page, you’ll notice that Film reviews are now open for admission. Instead of taking on a TV series, you can now make your mark on this website through exploring the world of cinema.

I’ve also shortened the grace period required for new TV series. Instead of placing a barrier on shows that ended within the last three years, now shows that ended only one year ago (from the time of the pitch) will be eligible for review on Critically Touched. These rules are made in deference to the wide variety of quality TV that has premiered in the modern era.

If you’re interested in becoming a film or TV critic for Critically Touched, please feel free to contact me (jeremygrayson17@gmail.com). I look forward to hearing what you’ve got in store.

Enjoy the holiday, and here’s to an amazing new year.


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