Farewell, Buffy


Hi, gang! Jeremy here.

First, the bad news. As some of you may have already noticed, MikeJer’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer reviews are no longer available to view on this site. Sadly, all the Buffy reviews have been removed from Critically Touched. The decision to do this was entirely Mike’s – he has decided to fully move on from Critically Touched, in an effort to focus on other life endeavors. The good news is that all Buffy reviews have been archived and can be read here.

I must emphasize that the rest of the site will remain unaffected by this change. The Angel reviews will all remain here, as will the reviews of the site’s various non-Buffyverse shows. My West Wing reviews will continue regularly, and the Blog will continue to produce new content. Buffy may have been the bedrock of CT, but there are plenty of other great shows to carry its legacy forward.

In the coming weeks and months, this site will discuss great television, with new shows (and perhaps some new writers). We will review great (and not-so-great) films, both past and present. Some of it will be serious, some of it will be fun, but all of it will keep perfectly in tune with what has been the CT brand for nearly a decade.

Which brings me to one more announcement: Next week, a new show will debut on Critically Touched, reviewed by yours truly. That’s right: in addition to The West Wing, I’ll be tackling a second show – one that is decidedly and interestingly connected to the Buffy brand. It’s just the first of many surprising new developments that this site will unveil over the next few months.

That’s all for now. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out through Facebook, Twitter, email, or just leave a comment below.

Farewell, Buffy. And farewell, Mike. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

18 thoughts on “Farewell, Buffy”

  1. This morning I was going to start reading these again, only to find my links didn’t work. Checked just now to find this blog post. Saddened as I am that the reviews are no longer on the site proper, I’m actually glad that the Wayback Machine has them archived in the previous format. Thanks for this update!


  2. Why remove his Buffy reviews and not his Angel reviews? Whatever. Do Batman the Animated Series and I’ll forgive you guys for this transgression.

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    1. Mike didn’t write most of the Angel reviews – they were done by Ryan (and, eventually, many others in the CT community). So they’ll be sticking around.

      Batman: The Animated Series is a great show, and could probably make for interesting analysis. Although this guy already seems to have it covered pretty well.


  3. “I’ll be tackling a second show – one that is decidedly and interestingly connected to the Buffy brand.”
    I’m very curious now 🙂


  4. Hi Jeremy,

    I can’t believe Mike has taken away the Buffy reviews! Is he planning to publish them in some kind of format? Surely he doesn’t want to hide that part of his life now that he is all grown up:-)


    1. Unfortunately, Mike has indeed moved on. The reviews can still be accessed through Wayback Machine, but they are no longer a part of the site. It’s a shame to lose them, but I respect his decision.


  5. Late to the party, but this is quite disappointing. I respect Mike’s decision to step away, but it seems patently bizarre to completely remove all traces of the valuable information his work contained. Why delete so many years of work? Why deprive people of a place they experienced insight and joy? Why delete all the comments that other people submitted?

    I’m sure he has his reasons, but I can’t shake the oddity of it.


  6. I understand him wanting to move on to other things but it’s such a shame that all the reviews have been removed from this site… they were very intelligently written and explored the show with a depth rarely seen in modern film/TV criticism. It feels like we have all been deprived for no good reason. Surely he would still have been credited for his work?


  7. It is very disappointing. Without knowing for sure and having to guess, it sounds like he simply wanted to remove these reviews written some time ago now into a vacuum in order to avoid any further comment on them. Reviews prompt comment, discussion and yes sometimes disagreement, and given the type of response I saw on some reviews it appeared that further comment was not encouraged and even in places unwelcome.

    I admired the effort, thought and insight he provided this amazing show, but that doesn’t mean what was written was always correct. At the very least, it was simply an opinion, one heavily influenced by what he liked about the show (the characters) and not what he appeared to be at best indifferent toward (the setting and plots). This approach is interesting, but also a limiting factor when discussing a show that depends so heavily on the interplay between character and plotting like Buffy did.


  8. Whoa, I’m a bit saddened by this. These reviews were wonderful and deepened my love for the show. I remember them very fondly and didn’t expect them to simply disappear. Well, it’s the creator’s decision, in the end.


  9. What a disappointment! Came across this new post while in the mood for an Angel marathon and wanted to take a quick peek at the summary of episode scores. I so enjoyed reading those reviews as I first worked my way through Buffy (and then Angel), they really enhanced my enjoyment and deepened my understanding of both shows, and I’ll always be grateful for that. I think it’s a shame that more readers won’t have the opportunity to get the same experience.


    1. I so enjoyed the insightful reviews. It seems Buffy isn’t nearly as enjoyable without them. Please repost them.


  10. I am so so sad to read this… (almost three years after the fact!)
    I would come back and read these reviews whenever I would do a Buffy rewatch. I’m very sad to think of Mike’s ‘moving on’ from Buffy.


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