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Hello, dear friends!

You may have noticed that things look a little different on the site now, and you’d be right! Critically Touched has been “moved” to a new domain: http://www.criticallytouched.wordpress.com. The reason for this change is simple: this new site is completely free to run whereas the old site was 100% custom built by me (MikeJer) and hosted on a paid-for domain. Fear not, though! All of the core site content — reviews, articles, blog posts, and comments — made it in the transfer, so what you love most about Critically Touched — the quality content — is all still there to enjoy.

(Note: The Forum will remain untouched for the next week or two to help ease this transition, but that too will be switched over to a brand new Forum. Unfortunately, I was not able to copy over all the historical Forum posts, so we will have to start anew there.)

Life has done what it does to people and my personal life no longer has the time nor desire to single-handedly maintain an ever-growing website and community. In light of this, I have decided to step down as Administrator and Editor-in-Chief of Critically Touched and hand the role off to the fabulous Jeremy Grayson, of The West Wing and Freaks and Geeks review fame. I know he will do a great job at steering the future of the site forward.

It’s been a truly fun 12 years contributing my time and joy into making this site and community into what it is today, but it’s now time for me to step away and move on to even greater personal endeavors. I will still haunt this place and read the latest content being posted for the foreseeable future, so you’ll likely still see the occasional comment or possibly even the rare content contribution, likely in the form of a blog post or a film review.

Farewell, my friends! (Imagine me riding a horse galloping over the hill into the sunset, getting knocked off said horse, and then finally getting back on as the camera fades to black.)

16 thoughts on “Turning the Page…”

  1. Aw dude! I’ve been re-watching Buffy all over again and literally JUST discovered this site 2 weeks ago! I’m enjoying reading the episode reviews after I finish each episode.

    Guess it’s better late than never. 🙂 good luck to you!


  2. Some of the scoring content(individual category scores) seems to be missing, and there are no links within categories (say, from one Buffy episode to the next).


    1. Links between episodes (Previous/Next) can be found at the bottom of each episode page. Category scores were removed for simplicity, since they couldn’t be properly reintegrated into the new site. (I may add in the letter-grades again, though.)


  3. Best of luck to you, Mike. This place will always be a “safe haven “for me to talk about anything, especially Buffy, since almost no one of my friends and family like Buffy and are sick and tired of hearing me talk about it. 🙂


  4. Hey, Mike!

    By transitioning, am I to understand that you have the same content that was on the superjer.com forums? Because this is what I’m currently searching for. I had a rocky start at the beginning of my initial joining as a few e-mails back and forth from me to you will attest, but it was one of the most enjoyable, informed, intelligent forums I have ever had the pleasure of posting on!


    1. Hi Watcher! Mike has moved on from CT in the last few months, and I’m now the one running things. The site has also been moved to a public server. (Hence the “new look.”)

      The site’s forum (which became independent from SuperJer.com in 2009) is no longer available online, although a cached version can be accessed through Wayback. In the meantime, we have a new forum (arguably just as enjoyable and intelligent as the last) which you can find here.


  5. Hey man I know this is three minutes late but I wanted to ask since I’ve enjoyed the Buffy reviews on Critically Touched. I am looking into being a reviewer myself and what I find inspiring by u guys is u leave Minor Pros/cons for aspects that may not matter but still u still want to mention. Now my question is, I have major OCD about filming mistakes (continuity errors, crew visible etc.) do you think those things are worth mentioning in a review? Do they impact the show/movie? At one point would i be over nitpicking?


    1. Hi Kazan. Good question there.

      If something bad or distracting jars me out of a movie or TV show only momentarily, that’s probably not enough to mention in the review, and would only go into the Minor Cons. If it’s something larger or more directly impacts the story itself, than it’ll probably get a mention in the review.

      If you see the same little mistake repeated multiple times throughout a film or show (i.e. several shots of visible crewmembers), that would probably merit mentioning in the film itself. Hope that helps.

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      1. “If you see the same little mistake repeated multiple times throughout a film or show (i.e. several shots of visible crew members)” so the short answer would be Gladiator? Lol! Thx for answering that means allot. Oh and i meant “3 years too late” not “minutes” but I was being stupid. :p Here I am nitpicking myself lol.


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