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[Article by Mike Marinaro]

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Below are my favorite fan music videos for Buffy. It’s really rare to find ones that are well made from a technical standpoint (i.e. proper aspect ratio, good editing, etc.), an emotional standpoint, and an argument standpoint. This collection often makes me think, always makes me feel, and fires up my interest to watch the show all over again.

Buffy Season 6 Trailer (by Buffyverse Trailers) – A trailer for fans who have already seen Season 6 (i.e. is spoiler heavy). This is a well-executed summary of some of the very best aspects of the various major arcs in Season 6. It’s just plain fun, and gets you excited to watch the season all over again.

No Longer Feels Like Home (by Spuffy Pr0ductions) – A beautiful yet punchy emotional snapshot of what Buffy goes through throughout Season 6. At first there’s shock, then there’s depression, and then finally the hard fought battle to regain a sense of self, purpose, and belonging. This video perfectly sums up my emotions watching Buffy’s struggles in Season 6.

Superstar (by Here’s Luck)Buffy is presented from mostly Buffy’s perspective. This video does a great job at giving us a condensed window into how it all might look like for Faith. Faith fears that, to quote the vidder, “Buffy has power over her and that Buffy doesn’t love her.” Sex, violence, belonging, and competition all play into the power Faith seeks.

Bachelorette (by Obsessive24)I’m a fountain of blood. In the shape of a girl. This is a haunting, beautiful, and focused video that uses evidence from the show excellently to present its argument. To quote the vidder, it’s about “sex and virtue; father figures and control; the ‘old boys’ club;” and, finally, misogyny. You owe it to yourself to see this video!

The following are video titles from the first article like this that I wrote (I’m having a hard time finding these videos now): Can’t Take It (by Ryan), Coin-Operated Boy (by SDWolfpup), Higher Than Hope (by Fredo), My Immortal (by Keaira), and The Kids Aren’t Alright (by Ryan).


22 thoughts on “Best Fan Videos”

  1. [Note: alfridito017 posted this comment on May 6, 2012.]

    I’m the first one to comment and say Hi MikeJer!! I have to say, the Buffy Season 6 Trailer, it makes me want to see season 6, even though it comes off a little overdramatic for me but very effective. I have to say the trailer definitely delivers its promise. This is because I’ve watched season 6 and it is a very, very dark season.


  2. [Note: Iguana-on-a-stick posted this comment on May 6, 2012.]

    I think “being dramatic” is pretty much the job-description for movie-trailers. Along with “using every remotely funny one-liner” and “spoiling every major plot-twist.”

    (Good list, Mike. But indeed no surprises here.)


  3. [Note: evil.afoot posted this comment on May 7, 2012.]

    It’s an awesome list, they’re all beautifully made vids, but “No Longer Feels Like Home” is my favourite amongst them. It gets to me every time, it evokes Buffy’s pain so well. It strikes the right chord.


  4. [Note: Abbie posted this comment on May 8, 2012.]

    I liked the first one about season six, though maybe I shouldn’t have watched it because I have admittedly only seen up to seeing red, so I let myself spoil a little bit, which for the most part u try not to do but it’s so tempting!! Great vid choices 🙂


  5. [Note: Zoe posted this comment on May 21, 2012.]

    Great picks. I love No Place Like Home.

    Here’s my favorite fan video:

    Incredibly well done, and sheds light on some of the problems the Buffyverse has with race.


  6. [Note: Riis posted this comment on June 1, 2012.]

    I love all of these, but I have to agree with buffyholic that the Bachelorette video is by far my favorite. Excellent list!


  7. [Note: MikeJer posted this comment on January 20, 2013.]

    That’s the one, Zoe, at least from what I can tell of the first 10 seconds (it loads very slowly for me).


  8. [Note: Sarah posted this comment on February 5, 2014.]

    I’ve seen quite a few amazing and high quality buffyverse videos. I’m going to try to find and share some right now. 🙂


  9. [Note: Kiara Woods posted this comment on June 22, 2014.]

    This is a very tear-worthy video set to the song “Goodbye to You” which features in Tabula Rasa:

    And this is a very well edited tribute trailer:

    This is just a fun video where somebody has compiled all the times Spike has been punched/hurt over the series – Kick the Spike:

    Here is humorous take on the Buffy/Spike relationship:


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