Buffy 4×02: Living Conditions

[Review by Mike Marinaro]

[Writer: Marti Noxon | Director: David Grossman | Aired: 10/12/1999]

This episode is a stand-alone which doesn’t do much for character or plot development, but remains very fun nonetheless. Buffy’s in college now and it’s fun to see the writers tackle the “bad roommate” topic through, of course, a metaphor! Buffy’s roommate turns out to actually be a demon (although she doesn’t appear to be from a hell dimension). It seems like Buffy and Willow weren’t roommates from the beginning just so they could do an episode like this. I suppose that’s convenient, but since Kathy goes away in this episode and it’s so much fun, I think I can forgive the writers.

Early on we see Buffy hanging out at Giles’ apartment as a way to escape being with Kathy. I must say that Buffy is sweet, cute, and absolutely adorable during this scene. It’s fun when Giles points out what all of us are thinking, “Uh, it’s a good day for me, actually. A friend of mine recently acquired a-uh an original Gutenberg demonography… and it suddenly occurred to me that you’ve never once asked me what my day’s plans were, which leads me to inquire whether you’re feeling entirely yourself.” Giles almost immediately gets the truth out of Buffy while at the same time illustrating the point that he is really at loose ends. Buffy says, “Ok, you’re not having one of those mid-life things, are you? ‘Cause I’m still going ‘ick’ from the last time you tried to recapture your youth.” The truth of the matter is that he actually is in the beginning stages of a “mid-life thing.” We’ll see even more of this as he begins to hang out with Xander a lot in upcoming episodes.

A small moment I enjoyed was Parker’s dining card speech to Buffy and her subsequent excitement over a new guy making conversation with her. Sure in retrospect her giddiness with Parker is kind of painful (in the good way) to watch, but it’s always fun to see Buffy this excited.

I liked the zoom ins and sound effects used throughout the episode. During a few scenes sounds are amplified and mundane things like clipping nails or biting into a sandwich are brought into full focus. We’ve never seen BtVS do this, at least quite to this extent, and it’s funny and fresh to see in a stand-alone. I really enjoyed the zoom ins on Buffy eyes as she scowls at the ketchup dripping on her shirt and then later Willow eating her food, right after she says that she thinks she is pretty outgoing. Sure it’s lightweight, but it’s done in such a way that it doesn’t come across as cheesy or silly. All of these comments directly apply to the milk scene, which is: OMG. That’s how much I love it when Buffy opens a carton of milk and tries to drink the entire thing in one chug, even when most of it starts pouring out of her mouth and onto the floor. The reason why I can be amused by a moment like this because this of its rarity in BtVS. Plus, the fact that Buffy’s soul is slowly being taken away from her perfectly explains all of wonky behavior.

One thing that bothers me a bit is how little conversation we get about no soul Buffy. We see that Buffy’s soul dissipates to the point of willing to kill someone she thinks is human. Frankly, I’d be fascinated to see a little bit more of what a no soul Buffy is capable of — that’d be really fun to watch. It would have been even more interesting if she’d killed a human in this state and then got her soul back afterwards. Imagine the possibilities for making commentary on Angel. This isn’t a big deal for me or anything, it’s just something I’m curious about.

Pretty much the only outright complaint I have of the episode is the silly demons and their corny language. They do not get any development and were simply there to bring Kathy back to their dimension. Also, the joke at the end about Kathy being treated like she’s only 900 year old wasn’t funny to me in the slightest. Anyway, this episode delivers the goods — I was thoroughly entertained by this amusing but completely inconsequential episode.


Minor Pros/Cons (+/-)

+ Buffy being nice but is continuously prevented from leaving her dorm by Kathy.
+ Xander finding ways to meet with the group at the university.
+ Kathy squeezing in on the Gang’s space which makes everyone uncomfortable.
+ Willow’s “oops I’m sorry!” expression after she realised her “BEAR!” yelp was the wrong cover-up.
+ Willow also having a terrible roommate.
+ Buffy swallowing her gum when Kathy complains about gum being everywhere.
+ Tremendously creepy nightmare which apparently really happened (i.e. blood down throat).
+ Buffy never comes to Giles’ place on a routine day while Oz never comes on routine patrol with Buffy. No point here, just an interesting observation.
+ The group tying Buffy up thinking she’s possessed.
+ When Kathy’s face comes off Buffy amusingly yells “I knew it!”

– Why does Kathy make vampire grunting noises?


* When Buffy cuts in line to escape Kathy, Parker says “stay, I’ll watch your back.” After Buffy smiles and turns around his eyes shift downward and he checks her out. This is definately a hint of what he’s really after, which we fully see in “The Harsh Light of Day” [4×03].
* Oz and Veruca sense each other as they briefly walk by even though they don’t know each other yet. This comes up in a major way in “Wild at Heart” [4×06].




46 thoughts on “Buffy 4×02: Living Conditions”

  1. [Note: jess posted this comment on February 19, 2007.]

    the question is, why would kathy mention her dream to the others if she knew she was the one causing it? why wouldn’t she just keep them in the dark?


  2. [Note: Latoya posted this comment on May 11, 2007.]

    Did Kathy know Buffy was the Slayer? Probably not. She would therefore want to seem just like Buffy, ie, having the same wacky dreams, showing that they were in the same boat. It keeps the pointing finger off of herself. She did not actually have the dream herself.


  3. [Note: robgnow posted this comment on August 7, 2007.]

    I completely laugh out loud when Buffy is trying to convince Willow that Kathy is evil because of her toenails! The look on Alyson’s face is hysterical!

    And I’m glad that Mike included the quote for Willow sending a homicidal Buffy to see Giles. lol

    The rest of the episode strikes me as ‘Eh’ though. It’s kind of drawn out and gets dull for me.



  4. [Note: buffyholic posted this comment on November 3, 2007.]

    Okay, the demon part is lame but I have a lot of fun watching Buffy and Kathy sort things out. They really drive each other´s nuts. But I don´t like the fact that Kathy was really a demon, I think we could live without a demon threat and maybe dispose of Kathy in another way, maybe a vampire and then have Buffy feeling remorse for what she did to her and not being able to save her. That would a great idea.


  5. [Note: Tony posted this comment on June 23, 2008.]

    You have to put this in the dialogue section of this episode…

    Kathy: Oh looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
    Buffy: Yeah… you were next to it.

    Now that’s clever.


  6. [Note: Tinkerbell posted this comment on July 25, 2008.]

    I rather enjoy this episode. Having delt with the whole new to college horrid room mate situation myself, I find this episode incredibly hilarious. I think they got right to the point about how eventhe TINIEST thing that a room mate you hate does, will drive you insane. I will agree that in the greater scheme of things, it doesn’t really help. It does protray a very real college experience that many people have to deal with. It was nice to see that even Buffy gets a not so perfect room mate. It’s part of the college experience.


  7. [Note: Michael posted this comment on August 3, 2008.]

    70/100 from me. Some of the lines in this episode feel awkward and forced – for instance, Buffy and Kathy exchanging dialogue while they’re fighting which was also really stupid and unfunny. They already showed the whole idea much better with that little ‘sound effects’ fight.

    This ep has some really funny moments, but isn’t a BtVS comedy classic IMO.


  8. [Note: Feiro posted this comment on October 3, 2008.]

    Seems to me that Buffy was only becoming impatient. She never intended to kill a human. She KNEW Kathy was a demon. She explained to Willow about the toenails. A crazy way to figure something, and a little out of character {hence the demon spell} But Buffy IS the slayer. She has a sixth sense about these things. She was serious when she yelled “I knew it” at the end.


  9. [Note: Bree posted this comment on October 3, 2008.]

    I really love this episode. See, I actually happen to love the first third or so of the fourth season a lot. I really love how heavy it all is on the humor. It’s like how the second season was super emotional then season 3 was this big emotional void but really fun and the fourth season is just really funny. I think season 4 is really underrated. Yeah, we all agree that the Initiative and Adam were WAY lame but if the plot had been better would there really have been such a huge backlash against this season? The truth is the initiative isn’t really the focus of a lot of the episodes. In fact, this season is more standalony than all the other seasons except maybe season 1. Anyway sorry for the rant. just wanted to mention that about season 4.


  10. [Note: Rosie posted this comment on January 19, 2009.]

    I found Kathy’s encounter with her father rather amusing. It wasn’t that original, but I liked it anyway.


  11. [Note: Smallprint84 posted this comment on March 17, 2010.]

    Some more pros:

    Buffy acting a bit bitchy (You can truly understand why SMG would be first chosen to get Cordelia’s role.

    Oz’s line about no one deserves a mine. That’s really true

    The making fun off of that stupid Cher song.

    SMG is again extremely pretty in this ep.


  12. [Note: Smallprint84 posted this comment on March 17, 2010.]

    And I’m so in love with Buffy’s diabolical-darker looks, like in Giles’s appartment when she is tied to the chair.


  13. [Note: Jason posted this comment on June 17, 2010.]

    I’m getting a bad feeling about this….

    I’m watching all of Buffy in sequence, and this is easily the worst episode so far. For me. Forced dialogue, over-the-top characterizations. Where is the wit? Where are the real emotions and complicated dynamics? If I want to see cheap, over-dramatized stereotype-driven cardboard drama, there’s plenty of bad TV and movies out there. *Loved* seasons 1-3, but the first two episodes of this season haven’t had a single inspired moment between them. Things can only get better. 🙂


  14. [Note: nathan.taurus posted this comment on August 29, 2010.]

    The Good:

    Parker giving good advice on the food cards.

    Buffy in the black top, included in the screencap.

    Parker laughing with Kathy. Perhaps trying to hedge his bets on the two girls.

    Oz and Buffy on patrol. SMG and Seth get on so good together, even 10 years later.

    Xander: “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” Buffy: Not yet, but it will.”

    The Bad:

    Kathy. I get she is supposed to be annoying, but she is really homocidal annoying. I don’t blame Buffy.

    Out of character Buffy with the gum. She has never chewed gum before, why now. Sloppy.

    You can hear the loud sound of the milk spilling onto a plastic tarp while she is not drinking it.

    Kathy’s dialogue to her father and the whole stupid demons plot.


  15. [Note: John Roberts posted this comment on October 15, 2010.]

    I gotta go with Jason here. All is so clumsy. It as if my lover came to bed wearning mittens.

    Bad Professor/Freshman – It’s not that the Professor over the top and unrealistic. So was Snyder. It’s that he serves no purpose except to create maudlin tears for poor Buffy. He’s fake, the scene is fake, it connects with nothing, it’s not funny, it’s not insightful. It’s just a prop character inserted into a mechanical script with the purpose of making us pity poor little Buffy.

    Sunday Fights/Freshman – Spidey loses his mojo. Spidey gets his mojo. Hey, I’m fine with BtVS tipping its hat to the comics, as in the 2nd Angel episode where the script plays off some Batman references. But I don’t want BtVS *becoming* a comic book. And the bruises the next day on Buffy’s face? Prop bruises, out of character, inserted into a mechanical script with the purpose of making us pity poor little Buffy.

    Window Scene/Living Conditions – Instantly when the camera pulled away to show Buffy on the window, I said to myself “Ohmigod Joss is going to do the “fall through the window” cliche, it will be supposed to be some clever reference that is semi-ironic, but it’s just going to be lame. Then I fast-forwarded until she fell through the window. I don’t want to watch a BtVS where I’m so far ahead of the script. I want to be behind the script.

    Fight Scene/Living Conditions – Fast forwarded here too. Because I knew Buffy would lose, and be saved at the final second by Giles’s spell.

    On the bright side, I liked The Freshman until the first Sunday fight, the college scenes felt fresh (ah, pun!) and the initial encounter with Riley was well done. And showing that I am not a complete curmudgeon, I will even praise the Xander mojo speech in The Bronze. Again a painfully mechanical and predictable sequence, I almost fast-forwarded again because I knew that such a speech was coming the moment that Buffy saw Xander … but it worked because we’ve been through so much with Xander and Buffy. Their histories made the corn meaningful … it turned the corn into something better.


  16. [Note: Beth posted this comment on November 29, 2010.]

    “Living Conditions” used to rank on the “Doomed” level for me. Maybe my own roommate experiences in college made it too painful to laugh. 🙂 But I just rewatched it and pretty much giggled all the way through. I think the comedy here is not necessarily from the dialogue (although there are some good lines, like when Willow sends the “homocidal” Buffy to Giles), but more in the expressions and line delivery. Previously mentioned examples include Buffy drinking the milk (when she stares at Kathy it made me giggle like a mad person), Willow’s “bear” explanation and Buffy, Oz and Xander sizing each other up when they tie her to a chair. I love the toenail exchange – SMG really sells Buffy’s increasing craziness, and the idea of her measuring toenails in the dark while Cathy is in the bathroom is hilariously absurd. Still don’t like the hokey fight at the end, but all-in-all I’m glad to say my opinion has changed in this episode’s favor.


  17. [Note: deadlego posted this comment on April 29, 2011.]

    This one (grading on your scale mike) would get a C- from me. The only bits I enjoyed were the scene where oz goes on patrol with buffy and when xander, giles and oz tie buffy up. Awful episode on the whole. This is one of those episodes that, if looked at critically and objectively, would get a higher mark than episodes like ‘IRYJ’ and ‘teacher’s pet’. However, those lower marked episodes had a higher entertainment value than ‘Living conditions’ which, as a complete anomaly in BtVS for me, I wish I hadn’t bothered to watch again.


  18. [Note: smallprint84 posted this comment on August 1, 2011.]

    own comment: And I’m so in love with Buffy’s diabolical-darker looks, like in Giles’s appartment when she is tied to the chair.

    I meant her darker face expressions I am very fond off.

    A bad con: In the dvd-menu of this ep. you can see Kathy with her demon face, dumb spoiler flaw, sigh.


  19. [Note: Mash posted this comment on August 7, 2011.]

    Oh how I am reminded of roommate drama [both Buffy’s and Willow’s].

    The Buffy of this episode is a good through back to “When she was bad” – same sort of Buffy.

    The toenail convo with Willow was too hilarious. And I like the “I dont burn incense” little line since she said it to a witch.


  20. [Note: Sebastian posted this comment on August 14, 2011.]

    Loved the irony from:

    “She is the one” meaning Kathy and NOT Buffy and

    Kathy really being a demon


  21. [Note: Liz posted this comment on November 15, 2011.]

    I like how uncomfortable Oz looked when Xander patted his leg “just thought I’d come around here and check on my girls”. XD


  22. [Note: nitramneek posted this comment on December 11, 2011.]

    I knew it! The Celine Dion poster, and now spinning Cher adnauseum, ironing her jeans? Definitely the roommate from hell. I warned Buffy to run, but did she listen?No!


  23. [Note: Zed posted this comment on March 18, 2012.]

    A B-? C’mon…. This episode brought back the early episodes for me, where the episode is more allegorical, and focused around a key aspect of the High School experience. Here we get the crazy roommate, yay! I thought it was great that the mystery is kept until the very end and we get to doubt ourselves over whether Buffy is crazy. I thought that the weird way the episode was unfolding was evidence that it was crap, but it turned out that we weren’t being told everything. Great!


  24. [Note: JustJenna posted this comment on March 24, 2012.]

    Your grading scale confuses me sometimes, when I compare it to what you’ve written. From your review, you enjoyed the episode immensely and could find little to criticize. Yet you give it a B minus – what was wrong with it that brought it down from a B or even an A-? While I don’t disagree with the grade, I would love to hear more from you on your criticisms to more fully explain the grade you chose. 🙂

    Love this site – I’m rewatching the series (3rd time I think) and after every episode I come here and read your critique to enhance my experience. Your reviews are extremely enriching to the series, and it makes me enjoy the series all the more. Well done!


  25. [Note: MikeJer posted this comment on March 24, 2012.]

    Jenna, fun episodes that don’t have much to say or much of any character relevance aren’t going to ever score high. Compare “Living Conditions” to, say, “Something Blue.” The former is a lightweight fun throw-away type, while the latter is also super fun but has significant character relevance too. I think that’s the schism you’re sensing, and I agree that could have been elaborated on a bit more in the review.

    I think you’ll find that my reviews improve over time, which is why I plan on updating all of them (like I have already with Season 1) to improve the overall quality and consistency of each review throughout the site.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the reviews though! Thanks for the comment.


  26. [Note: Kimmi posted this comment on May 24, 2012.]

    I absolutely love this episode because my freshman year of college I had a roommate that seemed like a demon. I really relate to how Buffy feels because, believe me, I called her crazy and wanted to kill her just as much….figuratively of course. I do still have that soul.


  27. [Note: NewSpock posted this comment on August 19, 2012.]

    This episode is imho underrated. Sure, it has not great character-development, but it is imho a massively entertaining episode depicting the problems that can arise between new roomies. And that it isn’t relevant to the overall season-plot doesn’t make it bad, some episodes can and should be there that have nothing to do with the overall story-arc to keep things fresh and entertaining.


  28. [Note: MikeJer posted this comment on August 19, 2012.]

    I care a lot less about it not being plot relevant than I do it being not very character relevant. “Living Conditions” is quite fun, but not much more. This isn’t a bad episode; it’s just an irrelevant one, and irrelevant isn’t Buffy doing what it’s capable of.


  29. [Note: Summer posted this comment on December 23, 2012.]

    Haha, fun. Who hasn’t had a roommate from hell? Well, if you haven’t you’re lucky. But if you’re Buffy and you’re on a hellmouth well it’s pretty much expected. I liked how touchy Oz and Xander were in the episode. Xander pats him on the leg. They go down together in front of Buffy (“oh dear God”) and then in the scene where Kathy is banished Xander is clinging to Oz in the doorway. I think they are bonding over being the fairer sex in the Scooby gang!


  30. [Note: Seele posted this comment on February 1, 2013.]

    Actually, I was pretty sure that she told everybody else about her “dream” specifically so that, if she was dealing with people who knew about the supernatural (and I’m guessing that a Slayer’s soul “tastes” different, that’d be a pretty big piece of clueage), they would think that she was just another target, instead of being the only other possible suspect when her roommate is the only one complaining about something.


  31. [Note: Rob W. posted this comment on May 3, 2013.]

    I think it’s significant that the first view of Parker we have is him explaining to Buffy, effectively, how to steal from the dorm cafeteria. It reminds me of “want…take…have”. It’s an early signal that Parker’s going to be trouble.

    Also love the moment when Kathy is whacking Buffy with the phone, just as the Scoobies are trying to call her.


  32. [Note: ML posted this comment on January 4, 2014.]

    I know this comment was done long ago, but thank you. I actually think it would be much more interesting to see Buffy really disliking and getting annoyed by someone without getting the excuse “he/she was evil” and that she was losing her soul, because let’s face it: flaws make characters more human. And nobody likes everybody…


  33. [Note: Shimmer posted this comment on January 14, 2014.]

    This episode seems very similar to “Ted” from season 2. Once again, Buffy is the only one who can tell that her antagonist is evil, and so no one will help her. Like with Ted, her conflict with Kathy loses all significance the moment we see that she is not human. It’s much more interesting at this point to see Buffy struggle with people (like Faith), than with yet another random monster of the week.


  34. [Note: MikeJer posted this comment on January 14, 2014.]

    One advantage “Living Conditions” has in regard to its reveal is that it’s pretty much all played for laughs rather than taking itself too seriously. I’m a little more forgiving on that aspect because of this.


  35. [Note: NJ88 posted this comment on February 20, 2014.]

    I don’t understand how people can’t like this episode.

    Sure, aside from the first meeting between Parker and Buffy and Oz seeing verruca for the first time and Willow/Buffy living together it doesn’t serve much point in the sense of plot progression. Even though I’d say that was enough for a standalone comedy episode.

    The episode is just pure fun. Whedon comedy at it’s finest. Buffy is just great in this episode, her facial expressions and some of the lines are laugh out loud funny. The ‘And guess what, you were next to it’ line in response to being told she got out the wrong side of the bed always gets me.

    It’s just harmless fun which is great in my book as BTVS does fun incredibly well. Not to mention it also contains one of my favourite lines of dialogue in the show: ‘Nobody deserves mime Buffy’.


  36. [Note: FaithFanatic posted this comment on February 20, 2014.]

    A lot of the humour is less than sophisticated to say the least. Oz is great and some of Buffy’s lines are gold, but it seems to try too hard and there are large portions of it which I find boring. Also, if I wanted substance-less comedy, I’d watch a sitcom. I expect more from this show.


  37. [Note: Joy posted this comment on February 20, 2014.]

    Buffy’s expression when she was tied to the chair (see screen cap above) reminds me of Spike. I don’t know if this was intended or not, but it adds weight to the theory that they are counterparts to each other.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Sometimes silly, over-the-top humor is an end in itself, and this ep hits the spot.


  38. [Note: Other Scott posted this comment on February 20, 2014.]

    It’s very easy to understand how people don’t like this episode. It’s an episode that’s based 100% on humour. There’s a chance with any humour episode that people just won’t find it funny.

    I happen to find this episode over the top in a non-funny way. It has a point about Buffy overreacting to a situation, then undermines it by making her right, which isn’t cool.


  39. [Note: FlyingPenguin posted this comment on June 2, 2014.]

    I think Other Scott expressed pretty well my major complaint about this episode, which I’ve never liked all that much. If the episode was supposed to be about Buffy having to learn to deal with a roommate, that’s one (potentially interesting) thing. If it was supposed to be about Buffy losing her soul and becoming intolerant and bitchy (and a little crazy?), that’s another (potentially interesting) thing. But the roommate turning out to be a demon, so that Buffy’s attitude/behavior ends up being vindicated despite the fact that she was also losing her soul? That just mucks the whole thing up and doesn’t work at all for me.

    There were some other issues with this episode, too, in my opinion–but this is the big one that really keeps my from being able to like it much.


  40. [Note: Lydia posted this comment on June 10, 2014.]

    This is a really weird episode. You know, I’ve always enjoyed when the writers toyed with the idea of a Crazy Buffy. I don’t know why, but it really appeals to me. Especially when I think of episodes like “Normal Again.” An unstable Slayer is even scarier than a Rogue Slayer like Faith in my opinion. And I just feel like its such a hit-and-miss that the writers had the opportunity but never actually had Buffy (even temporarily) go crazy. I don’t know why I’m so in favor of it, its just something that I think would have had a lot of potential. Or, perhaps its the current Buffy fanfic I’m reading muddling my thoughts.

    The roommate from Hell in the Hellmouth college experience is a must! A computer has matched Buffy with “mini-mom of Momdonia,” and what starts as minor irritation on both sides soon escalates into a full-fledged conflict. Having Kathy turn out to be a demon trying to steal Buffy’s soul was even something of an anti-climax; a terrible roommate is probably worse, because they usually end up being a permanent problem instead of disappearing conveniently through a hole in the floor. But I’m glad it worked out the way it did, since having Willow bunk with Buffy is somewhat a given.

    I enjoyed most of this episode, it was harmless fun and most of Whedon’s humor is witty and fun to watch. I really enjoyed all the scenes involving Giles and Oz. Also Willow unleashing homicidal Buffy on Giles and telling Kathy, “He’s our grown up friend-not in a creepy way!” Good stuff. Also, is it just me or does Oz look really, really good this episode? I think the evil roommate is something everyone can relate too, I’m still in High School so obviously I’ve never been to college, but I had to live with my step-sister for a year and EVERYTHING she did drove me crazy! Its like when you hate someone, even the most trivial things they do just send you off the edge and into a frenzy! So I could feel Buffy’s pain. The evil toenails bit was great, too.

    Some smaller things I noticed, Willow’s changes in behavioral patterns. I noticed she was using an English paper as an excuse to avoid having girltime with Buffy, maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed like an excuse to me. Also, when both Oz and Xander are on the floor, she instantly lends a hand to Oz but doesn’t really pay much attention to Xander. Maybe this is just because of the fallout between the two after their ‘illicit smoochies’. And, there was a foreshadowing bit when Parker mentions, “Ex-boyfriend or Loan Shark?” In ‘Tabula Rasa’, they do tackle a (ridiculous) Loan Shark! xD I mean, maybe all the stuff I pointed out was a little far-fetched but thought I’d mention it anyway.

    This wasn’t a classic Buffy comedy, but it had some decent stuff. I would’ve given it a B. Great review, Mike!


  41. [Note: Jo posted this comment on July 12, 2014.]

    Does anyone recognise the book that Kathy is reading? The one that Buffy’s gum gnome gets gum on? I know it’s not important, but as a reader it’s driving me crazy that I can’t make out the words.


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