Buffy 3×06: Band Candy

[Review by Mike Marinaro]

[Writer: Jane Espenson | Director: Michael Lange | Aired: 11/10/1998]

This is a very funny episode that unfortunately has a couple problems. Willow and Xander’s silly romance still bugs me to no end. This is really out of character for both of them. Yes, Willow had a big crush on Xander in S1 and into S2, but Xander only returned those feelings once, in [“2×01“] . They both have a boyfriend/girlfriend now, and they wouldn’t both betray them like that; it’s not in their personalities. The episode is making it out to be a cute moment between them when all it does is make me cringe.

Back in “Surprise” [2×13] Buffy gives her mom a little speech about feeling more responsible now that she’s 17. It’s fun to see Joyce saying ‘no’ to Buffy’s continuous requests to drive. Also very interesting is the fact that Joyce believes Giles is taking up too much of Buffy’s time. This is a natural extension to how she felt back in “Anne” [3×01] when telling Giles that he had an entire relationship with Buffy behind her back. This is great character development and follow-through.

Buffy wants more adult responsibilities, but when her ‘parents’ start acting like reckless teenagers she becomes very uncomfortable not having those ‘parents’ there to help her when things get messy. She wants her mom to be the serious parents and she needs Giles to be a responsible Watcher again. This issue is followed up in a very serious way beginning with “The Body” [5×16] and continuing throughout S6 and S7.

It’s really fun, and surprisingly interesting, seeing the “adults acting like teens” premise play out. Giles is all cocky, Joyce wants his approval, and Snyder is a nerd who wants to be in Buffy’s group. Somehow it all seems to make sense based on what little we know of these characters’ pasts (Giles being the exception). Because of that exploration this turns out to be a great plot. It’s even better knowing that Ethan’s candy curse was just a ruse to allow a baby-eating ritual to go through unscathed. The fact that the Mayor is ultimately responsible for the entire scheme, and that Buffy doesn’t find out, makes it even better.

There’s a couple small things I really liked as well. First is how easily Ethan gives up the information about his part in the scheme. Another amusing moment is when the Mayor makes a phone call about needing sewer repairs while waiting for the ritual to begin. As a package, this episode really delivers as a fun basic premise with a cool little twist thrown in. On top of all that we get little touches of character development from Giles, Joyce, Snyder, and Buffy. It’s not perfect, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Minor Pros/Cons (+/-)

+ Buffy studying for the SATs in the cemetary with Giles.
+ The Mayor looking for some Scotch in a shrunken head.
+ Angel’s excerises and great scene music.
+ Willow pointing out, while in The Bronze, that she doesn’t act all crazy and ‘teen-like’ normally.
+ Giles and Joyce making out (and a whole lot more) on the hood of a police car.
+ Giles telling Buffy to hit Ethan and then jumping in the air whispering ‘yes!’ when she finally does.
+ Awkwardness between Joyce and Giles at the end. Awesome ending and abrupt cut to credits.

– The scene at The Bronze where all the adults are acting crazy goes on too long.


* The demon Buffy torches in the sewers is a large snake-like creature. It’s fitting that the Mayor is paying tribute to a similar family of demon that he turns into in “Graduation Day Pt. 2” [3×22] . Also fitting is how Buffy uses fire to kill both this demon and later the Mayor in snake-form.




50 thoughts on “Buffy 3×06: Band Candy”

  1. [Note: jun posted this comment on March 24, 2007.]

    The “yes!” from Giles and the exchange between he and Joyce at the end were my 2 favorite bits of this episode. 🙂


  2. [Note: cudlyguy posted this comment on July 2, 2007.]

    I rate this episode slightly higher than you did, as I did not find the Willow/Xander dalliance to be out of character at all for most teens. Exceptionally funny stuff with the Giles/Joyce liaison. Anthony Stewart Head in his Ripper persona is an unalloyed treat.


  3. [Note: MikeJer posted this comment on July 2, 2007.]

    cudlyguy, I don’t think of Willow, Xander, and Buffy as “most teens.” They’re all above cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend, at least in the way they’d been developed as characters up until (and after) that point.


  4. [Note: cudlyguy posted this comment on July 18, 2007.]

    In many ways Willow and Xander are indeed “most teens,” which is why viewers relate to them so intensely. As I can painfully recall, teens are buffeted by shifting infatuations powered by hormonal surges and general adolescent angst as a matter of course. And don’t you think geeky Xander would jump at the chance for smooches with any willing attractive gal, let alone his longtime and cute friend, Willow?


  5. [Note: MikeJer posted this comment on July 18, 2007.]

    No, I don’t, because he already has a girlfriend and up until that point I had more respect for the two of them. I did not think that the initial kiss was built up to at all and when it happened I was squinting my eyes thinking “what in the world are the writers doing!?” Maybe teens cheating on each other isn’t a big thing to some people, but I’m sorry, I’m not going to make excuses for them (or the writers) “just because they’re teens.” There was absolutely no precedent in story or character for them to kiss each other when they did. Additionally, like I mentioned before, their character development up until that point never even remotely hinted that they were capable of cheating on their partners, let alone that they had any kind of attraction to one another anymore. Remember Willow in “Inca Mummy Girl” being all resigned to the fact that Xander isn’t interested in her, so she moves on? I’m sorry, but I really don’t buy this whole cheating arc one bit and it bugs me every time I get to this part of S3.


  6. [Note: Latoya posted this comment on July 18, 2007.]

    Willow had not completely moved on. Which you can tell by Innocence (finding out about Xander/Cordy & Consequences (finding out about Xander/Faith).

    Willow: It just means that you’d rather be with someone you hate than to be with me.

    Either way, I hated Xander/Willow.

    I could imagine Willow cheating on Oz with Xander though. She had wanted to be with Xander since she was five years old.


  7. [Note: spurious posted this comment on August 10, 2007.]

    I think cheating is very in character for Xander. First, he seems like someone who is ruled by his emotions, so I can see him getting carried away with his feelings. Second, we know he is not especially honest, since he clearly lied to Buffy at the send of S2 so she would kill Angel (knowing, as he must, how much Buffy loved Angel makes that a pretty serious lie). Third, I never bought the Xander/Cordelia relationship, I never understood why they liked each other.

    But cheating doesn’t seem in character for Willow, because she is so compassionate, such a rule follower, and because she so clearly is crazy for Oz. That’s the part I thought was irritating, even though she has that history of pining for Xander.

    That said, I still love the humor in this episode, it was one of my early favorites when I was watching the show for the first time.


  8. [Note: Austin posted this comment on September 25, 2007.]

    I Love that Buffy bounces the ball off the wall to hit Giles, it’s really cool and makes her point that she is really good a lot better than a lot of other things could have.


  9. [Note: Xenophon posted this comment on October 1, 2007.]

    I just have one question for this episode which does not seem to have been covered : Why was Snyder not aware of the reason for the candy? I mean if he is reporting to the mayor and assisting the mayor why would the mayor let him humiliate himself like that. If he is batting for the same team as the mayor it would just be logical that he would have been in on the deal?

    @Austin – I think Buffy lied to Angel about Scott because in her mind it would make it easier to remain “friends” with Angel when he thinks she is dating someone else.


  10. [Note: buffyholic posted this comment on October 23, 2007.]

    This is a very funny episode to watch, especially Synder and Giles. I love how Synder is such a geek and needs to be accepted by Buffy and Giles is just great. For me, the only thing I didn´t like was the dialogue between Xander and Willow, it sounds contrived.


  11. [Note: Scoobasteve83 posted this comment on October 25, 2007.]

    Hi guys!
    Im new here and to Mikejer:
    thanks for these great reviews. I watched BtVS like 6 years ago and rewatched it 2 years ago, because of
    a short scene from season 6, when Willow started to go all bad and act out of control. It reminded me of “the goodl old times”, when everyone had a “normal” kind of life with less issues. Actually, its quite funny how I really enjoyed exactly those seasons, when everything turned al little bit darker and creepier.

    I also got to add something to the whole cheating thing between Willow and Xander:
    I dont think it really came out of nowhere. Like someone else already mentioned, Willow was never REALLY able to move on, and what everyone seems to forget is, that in BECOMONG PT 2, when Willow was in a coma, Xander stayed by her bed all the time and also told her he loved her. I dont mean the kind of love you have for a friend. You could also see how disappointed he acted, when she spelled out Ozs name then.
    I agree with you, that I dont love the cheating stuff very much, and I also agree that it IS abig deal, but I dont think it really came out of nowhere and that it was built up too artifically!


  12. [Note: Plain Simple posted this comment on November 20, 2007.]

    @Xenophon: As teenage!Snyder shows this guy is just a pathetic little man doing anything he can to belong to a group that helps him pose as a big shot. The mayor is using him and him being the ignorant little attention seeker he is, is loving every minute of it. No use for the mayor to let him in on every detail of his plan.


  13. [Note: Tony posted this comment on June 15, 2008.]

    Scoobasteve83 brought up a great point. Xander realized then that he liked Willow even more when she was in her coma. So they did foreshadow that something would happen last season time and time again with Willow’s obvious feelings for Xander, and Xander telling her he loves her. So it didn’t come out of no where and I bought it entirely.


  14. [Note: Andrea posted this comment on July 9, 2008.]

    I always love silly little jokes and events that happen in these earlier episodes that continue on throughout the rest of the series… hyena-people get jokingly mentioned quite a few more times, for example, and Giles and Joyce Doin’ It on top of a police car is alluded to at least four or five more times throughout the series and is alllways hilarious… I think the first mention is in Earshot when Buffy finds out for the first time what they actually *did*…

    As I mentioned in another episode review, I despise Xander/Willow and wish it could be permanently blocked from my memory. On top of all the content-related reasons why it’s horrible and uncomfortable and cringe-worthy, Nicholas Brendon and Alyson Hannigan have absolutely zero sexual chemistry… it’s like watching a brother and sister (i.e., Xander and Willow!). It’s one of those things that’s *so* awkward and embarassing to *watch*, you almost have to turn away.


  15. [Note: Adastra posted this comment on August 11, 2008.]

    I loved the way Giles talked when he was under the Candy influence. There was a little more of ASH’s own accent shining through and he reminded me of the way Spike talks, obviously.


  16. [Note: bigmoneygrip posted this comment on October 22, 2008.]

    My favorite has to Giles rocking out, with the “front teeth over the lip” move to the music in his apartment. I had no idea who that was, but after searching far and wide, found out is “Tales of the Brave Ulysses” by Cream.


  17. [Note: Emily posted this comment on March 17, 2009.]

    I just want to throw in there that I also hate the Xander/Willow relationship. And I also agree with Spurious- it’s in character for Xander to cheat, but not for Willow. They should’ve developed it on Willow’s side better, or just done nothing at all. But I understand they had to, because Cordy goes to Angel, so there had to be a way to get her out of the show. Still, though- not in character for Willow.


  18. [Note: Christian posted this comment on June 4, 2009.]

    Hey guys, I just wanted to add that I don’t really care much for the whole Xander/Willow thing… but I love the great songs that play on two occasions when they’re together. First in the scene during “Homecoming” when they first kiss, the song is “How” by Lisa Loeb. The lyrics start off with “I didn’t come this far for you to make this hard on me… and now you want to ask me, how does your heart beat?â€� The song totally goes with the situation, Willow having already “moved onâ€� and Xander after all this time decides to act upon the situation…

    The second one is after the scene where Willow realizes Xander and Faith slept together. She cries in the bathroom while “Wish we never met� by Kathleen Wilhoite plays. Great moment!!

    For me, the great songs make up for the fact that the writers decided to take that direction with these characters =)


  19. [Note: Lucy posted this comment on August 11, 2009.]

    I love Joyce in this episode. It was really refreshing to see her as a woman instead of just as a Mum. Kristine Sutherland did a great job.
    I also love how Giles listens to that “Tales of Brave Ulysses” song just after Joyce died (in ‘Forever’ I think). Lovely scene.


  20. [Note: Kate posted this comment on September 5, 2009.]

    Kristine Sutherland said she loved this episode. I do too, but ethan Rayne annoys the hell out of me.

    Sure, he hates Giles, but why keep coming back, and back and back??? Fan Love?


  21. [Note: Sunburn posted this comment on September 30, 2009.]

    I’ve just seen this episode again and it totally cracks me up. Mike, I can’t believe you didn’t put

    “Summers, you drive like a spaazzz!”

    in the quotes! I was saying it for days after I first watched it. Plus Giles and Joyce in his apartment were ace – I loved how she asked him if he liked whoever-it-was’s music and then hastily pretended(?) not to herself when he looked disgusted, also how he lit two cigarettes and gave one to her – what a de rigueur Seventies seduction move!


  22. [Note: Shannon posted this comment on January 25, 2010.]

    I just watched this again the other night, and my big question is – why the heck does the mayor go through all the trouble of staging the candy production in order to steal 4 babies from the hospital?! FOUR!! There has to be an easier way to get 4 babies than to drug/put a spell on all the adults in Sunnydale. C’mon.


  23. [Note: Max posted this comment on March 21, 2010.]

    “You drive like a spaz” – Snyder to Buffy. Lolz

    And Shannon – you have a point. That is a rather weak point in the plot.


  24. [Note: Aeryl posted this comment on July 3, 2010.]

    Fun Fact: Anthony Stewart Head sounds like Spike in his real accent, because Anthony Stewart Head tutored James Marsters on his accent. Marsters originally auditioned for Spike with a Texas accent.


  25. [Note: nathan.taurus posted this comment on August 19, 2010.]

    The Good:

    Buffy and Giles studying in the cemetery. “It’s the SATs Buffy, not connect the dots.”

    Giles running out of training exercises. She still nails him.

    Xander and Willow quickly slamming their feet back against the table.

    Snyder on candy. This guy is a hoot. “Whoa Summers, you drive like a spaz!”

    Buffy’s reaction to Joyce offering her the car keys.

    Giles and Joyce listening to music. Bad boy Giles. “I’ve gotta get a band together.”

    Mr Tricks scare tactic. Breaking necks. Now that’s a strict boss.

    Snyder trying to impress Joyce.

    Everything about Ripper.

    The Bad:

    Buffy’s necklace changed to a crucifix when she returned home from visiting Angel.

    Buffy’s response to Snyders commendation. She hates him, she wouldn’t congratulate him.

    The damage to the 4WD isn’t as severe as the crash would have made it.

    All that trouble to steal four babies. C’mon!


  26. [Note: Dana posted this comment on June 30, 2011.]

    Snyder was probably the best part about this episode. I like this character development with him. It really makes you wonder what happened to this kid to turn him into suck a jerk wad? I really felt sorry for him, he was so nice!

    Anyone else agree that Giles pre-adult is a hottie? lol


  27. [Note: Gemma posted this comment on December 10, 2011.]

    I loved this episode and consider to be one of the best of the season, Its this episode that serves as the catalyst to escalate the main plot of this season; the Mayor and his desire to be a big snake! The Mayor’s backstory and the truth about his poignancy in the season is explored well in this episode, especially in the opening scenes when he opens a drinks cabinet to reveal a large collection of occult artefacts, it seems the mayor of Sunnydale has paid many a tribute to different demons to remain in his position to control the Hellmouth to some extent.

    The principal of politicians shaking with hands with those they don’t like, to agree on compromises and in affect make a deal with the devil is taken literal here in Buffy-verse and it serves as an explosive plot resulting in the two prominent episodes Graduation Day pts 1 and 2. A clever analogy.

    The subplot of a candy curse is genius. It allows exploration into the adult parental figures in Buffy’s life; Joyce, Giles and Principal Synder. Interaction between these three are great. Giles is the cocky Ripper before he accepts his duty as Watcher, Joyce is a little needy in regards to wanting Giles attention where as Synder is desperate to be a part of Buffy’s gang. What we knew about the characters prior to this allows what happens in this episode to be believable.

    I am a die hard Giles fan and always think his moments shine a little brighter than the cast members. This episode was no exception. Antony Head is a great actor. Giles certainly seemed to enjoy playing of teenage rebel angst as the infamous RIpper with his glances, and cocky attitude, his voice change (which is actually Antony Head’s real accent) and his penchant for violence.

    My favourite moment is when Buffy is interrogating Ethan with Giles present, and taking immense enjoyment in her hitting him!

    Great episode. One thing though…where on earth was faith?


  28. [Note: Odon posted this comment on February 1, 2012.]

    As for why the Mayor would go to such trouble to steal the babies, it’s not just being able to steal them, but getting away with it afterwards. The disappearance of those babies among murder and violence would stir up too much trouble even in Sunnydale. As Ethan put it,

    “More than a diversion. Well, they said the tribute was big, so big that people would never let them take it. That people had to be out-of-it. And later on, when the candy wore off, they’d blame themselves.”

    Best quote: Giles saying to Buffy: “I’m your Watcher, now sod off!”

    And let’s not forget the blatant fanservice moment of a shirtless Angel doing Tai Chi, watched by a rapt Buffy. No wonder Scott Hope complained of her being “distracted”.


  29. [Note: JustJenna posted this comment on March 19, 2012.]

    One moment I loved in this episode was the look of distaste on Ethan Rayne’s face when Mr. Trick killed that random factory worker for no other reason than to scare the rest of the workers away from sampling the wares. It was a great piece of acting and a gentle hint to the viewers that Rayne could be as good and reformed as Giles if he would allow it.

    One thing I adore about this show is that the best villains have enough layers to make them human (even when they aren’t) and make us love them. Dark Willow, Spike, Faith, Ethan Rayne, The Trio… hell, even Glory was sometimes Ben. Pure evil is just so rare that it makes for unbelievable and boring television (which is one reason season one of Buffy was so bad – the vampires were boring and had no depth.)


  30. [Note: Projectrunaway posted this comment on March 21, 2012.]

    Unlike most of the folks who posted above, I disliked this episode immensely. Watching all the grown ups act like teenagers made me really uncomfortable.


  31. [Note: evil.afoot posted this comment on April 5, 2012.]

    I just rewatched the episode, and have to say it’s always entertaining and fun, no matter how many times I’ve seen it!

    Amazingly enough, I had never caught Buffy’s Rocky Horror Picture Show when she sees the adults having a ball at the Bronze. “Let’s do the time warp again”. Fitting! and it made me laugh a lot.

    Also, Stewart Head is awesome at acting like 16 year old Giles.


  32. [Note: nitramneek posted this comment on May 8, 2012.]

    I love this episode. The references to Juice Newton and Burt Reynolds and Willow wondering if there was a Billy Joel concert in town at the Bronze, priceless! The Ripper loves Cream!!! Defenitly a man after my own heart (and I thought my record collection was impressive). My two favorite scenes are when Willow’s doctor dives into a nonexistent mosh pit (ouch! that has got to hurt) and when Joyce pulled out the pair of handcuffs much to Buffy’s horror and disgust (by golly, I didn’t know the old gal had it in her!). I have a question Mike, who where the four men singing Louis Louis up on stage at the Bronze? Could they be the writers/producers of the show, like David Furry and Marti Noxon in “Once More With Feeling”?


  33. [Note: Rob W posted this comment on September 2, 2012.]

    I wonder if Kristine Sutherland had seen “My So Called Life” before filming this episode. Joyce reminds me of Rayanne, especially during the scene where she and Giles loot the store window.


  34. [Note: TheShanshuProphecy posted this comment on October 22, 2012.]

    i don’t have a huge issue with the Willow/Xander romance.For starters, Xander has already shown that he was more than willing to hook up with Buffy if she was so inclined in “Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered” (2.16) yes, corey had broken up with him but only just and he was meant to still be pining for her (and they do get back together). Xander also shows that he is less than reliable in matters of the heart with the Anya debacle – Xander’s relationship issues that lead to him abandoning Anya at the altar could be said to be the same driving force that allows him to pursue Willow. For Willow, although she is much, MUCH more loyal, Xander was her first (and unrequited) love and that can be a strong pull. At this point she is still very new to dating and boys and I honestly don’t think she fully realises just how much pain she and Xander are going to cause – her reaction when Oz does find out and is hurt is a bit of a shock for her – and not unlike her shock upon learning that she pulled Buffy from heaven, not hell in OMWF or that Tara thinks Willow ‘violated’ her mind in Tabula Rosa. Willow shows a tendency to act selfishly in these circumstances that I think support the idea that she would be capable of enjoying Xander’s attentions. I agree that it is an awful thing to do but I don’t see it as out of character for either of these two – albeit for different reasons.


  35. [Note: Gemma posted this comment on December 10, 2012.]

    I love this episode, its right up there in my favourite list. I like it so much more knowing that Antony Head used his real accent to portray younger Giles and that this is the accent James uses to play Spike. Also this is the first episode that Jane Espenson is credited and then every time she writes an episode after this she arranges for Giles and Joyce to be in embarrassing situations. Has anyone else noticed that Synder once again is the ignorant participant in the Mayor’s schemes? He does it in I only have eyes for you when he covers for the snakes, Its made clear Synder knows things about the hellmouth and who Buffy is…perhaps this is why he was so hell bent on getting Buffy expelled form Sunnydale high?


  36. [Note: Iguana-on-a-stick posted this comment on December 10, 2012.]

    I suspect that Snyder has a limited and rather garbled understanding of the hellmouth and its workings. This is not based on anything specific on the show, but I like to imagine that inside Snyder’s head he’s the hero of his own version of reality, in which the brave and dutiful Principal Snyder with the aid and support of his good friend the Mayor keeps the town under control and protects it from all those disorderly Hellmouth shenanigans that are caused by unruly teenagers and their hormones and disregard for authority.


  37. [Note: Summer posted this comment on December 21, 2012.]

    Giles and Joyce shoulda been smoking weed! I liked the huge pic of Cordelia Xander had in his locker at the end. Amusing!


  38. [Note: Josh Man posted this comment on August 25, 2013.]

    I agree that the Xander/Willow dalliance is uncomfortable, but I don’t agree that it’s out of character; I buy it. And it’s supposed to be uncomfortable. You’re feeling (mostly) what the writers want you to feel, so I would disagree with downgrading it for that. Now if its because you don’t feel they properly set up for this storyline, you can make that case, but I agree with all those who have pointed out the many places where this was foreshadowed over the last season. Willow has always had a major thing for Xander, she wouldn’t cheat on Oz with anyone else, but she has a bit of a blind spot for her best friend of nearly 17 years. That’s totally believable, and this is completely in Xander’s character. He’s not really in love with Cordelia, in my opinion, but what he feels for Willow is a lot closer to love.


  39. [Note: Boscalyn posted this comment on February 21, 2014.]

    I think people are kind of missing the point re: why the Mayor is going through such trouble to kill four babies. It’s a character establishing moment. The Mayor is a bad guy, yeah, but he’s not mustache-twirling evil. He’s not the type of guy to take slaughtering four newborns lightly. If you need further proof of this, watch “Gingerbread” again– he’s genuinely distraught at the kids’ funeral. The ritual sacrifice of four babies might not be a big deal to you or me, but the Mayor doesn’t take it lightly because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

    Also, cute meta joke: Buffy says “Let’s do the time warp again” after seeing Giles go all teen-y. Anthony Head played Frank in a West End version of The Rocky Horror Show.


  40. [Note: Zach posted this comment on October 27, 2014.]

    Forgive me if I am wrong, but I think your letting your personal distaste of Willow/Xander’s relationship cloud your judgement, not that it wouldn’t be okay to say you dislike it, but to say it’s “out of character” is just false. There is no indication that either one of them is “above cheating”; sure they are all good people in general, but we all have our flaws.

    Cheating among teens is an extremely common thing among teenagers, as hormones are easily capable of limiting a person’s conscience or rational mind. I wouldn’t say any teenager is “above cheating”, at that age, it’s almost like saying someone is “above lying”, which obviously, nobody is. Obviously that’s reducing it, I am not saying every teenager is incapable of rejecting their hormones, but I don’t think it’s in any way shown as something these characters in particular wouldn’t ever do, just because they are good people, too put it simply: We all make mistakes.

    Also suddenly liking someone you didn’t like before is also extremely common, and he has been shown to on/off again have some sort of like for Willow, I think it just took him awhile to find out how he liked her (Best Friend), as referenced in the pilot that they were girlfriend/boyfriend when they were kids, than again in When She Was Bad, and obviously…now, if anything I would say it’s pretty much consistent with his character.

    All this being said, I agree with your score for this episode, and while I too, personally dislike the relationship, I wouldn’t call it out of character.


  41. [Note: nathan.taurus posted this comment on November 15, 2014.]

    Only wanted to add on another watch I noticed Buffy was responsible for the car accident as she dove through the stop sign, even though the guy was distracted with his chocolate he had right of way.

    And they are putting the Xander/Willow stuff on way too strong. Not buying it. Although the candy I would buy.


  42. [Note: Sarah posted this comment on March 31, 2015.]

    Nobody mentions this minor detail that I noticed is that Giles bought 20 candy bars from Buffy like a father does for his daughter. You see it happen all the time when kids bring home things to sell from school and the parents always buy lots of them to help their kids and I think that it is another reference to the father daughter relationship between Giles and Buffy and it is very interesting how the roles have been reversed in this episode under the candy spell and Buffy had to discipline and take away things from Giles as if he was the child. It was kind of cute and fun to watch.


  43. [Note: aidni posted this comment on August 5, 2016.]

    As has been pointed out, Xander seems to have been infatuated withh Faith from the get go-why not have them have sex earlier, especially since the brief Willow/Oz breakup didn’t seem to have any lasting repurcussions. Cordy could have easily gone to LA that way…


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